Living Simply

Living Simply


Welcome to The Art of Organizing blog! Several years ago, my husband and I woke up and thought why is life so difficult? Why do we spend so much time cleaning? Our weekends swamped with errands? Dealing with frustrations?

Ever since that day, 5 years ago,  Jon and I have been on a journey to make our lives easier, reduce our everyday stresses, improve our way of living and just be happy!

Our methods are not a prescription, once size doesn’t fit all, but we can guarantee that if you try what we’ve learned, your life will change…for the good.

We want to share with you everything we’ve implemented that’s impacted our lives, large and small. Everything from simple inspirational quotes all the way to designing your own custom closet (definite life saver!).

We hope you enjoy this series since it’s never going to end! We are constantly improving, even the changes we post will be altered, updated and re-posted to better ways of doing things. A little inspiration to leave you with:




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