A Safe, Natural Way to Clean Your Glass & Mirrors

A Safe, Natural Way to Clean Your Glass & Mirrors


Want a little less chemicals in your life? You can make your own all-natural Glass Cleaner with 3 simple household ingredients:

  1. 1 cup of water
  2. 1 cup of White Distilled Vinegar
  3. 1 cup of Rubbing Alcohol

Take a spray bottle, fill with these ingredients and voila! It works better than Windex, no streaks!

Happy Cleaning!

Don’t Worry About Cooking This Week – We Have You Covered

Don’t Worry About Cooking This Week – We Have You Covered


Sunday meal prep! One of the most useful tools we’ve come across for healthy eating. Saves time during the work week, relieves the stresses of ‘what are we eating for lunch/dinner?’ and of course less dishes to clean! Totally recommend for EVERYONE!

NOTE: We set up our dinner meals on Saturdays to prepare our grocery  list. Then you can prep the foods on Sunday that will stay fresh throughout the week. Examples: brown rice, hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, yogurt servings, quinoa, chicken (although, chicken will only last a few days!)

Make Your Life Simple, Organized and Happy!

Make Your Life Simple, Organized and Happy!


This book, along with Jon’s obsession with Lean, has simplified our lives dramatically and saved our sanity. For anyone who wants to live a simple, organized life, this book is awesome!!

We got it on Amazon for under $10. Worth every penny.

A few sneak peak insights from this book:

  1. If the occasion arises where you might actually need items you’ve gotten rid of, here is what you do: You make do.
  2. Having fewer items in your pantry will reduce food waste, make grocery shopping easier, and speed up meal preparation.
  3. Often, waiting on a purchase and living without it makes you realize either you already had something that did the job or you didn’t really need the thing in the first place.

Happy Reading!



Living Simply

Living Simply


Welcome to The Art of Organizing blog! Several years ago, my husband and I woke up and thought why is life so difficult? Why do we spend so much time cleaning? Our weekends swamped with errands? Dealing with frustrations?

Ever since that day, 5 years ago,  Jon and I have been on a journey to make our lives easier, reduce our everyday stresses, improve our way of living and just be happy!

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